Leaders, building and leading your team just got easier — and faster! I’m “Coach Dale” Young, and I’m here to help you transform yourself and your team, so that can achieve the results you need and you can live the balanced life you want. Working with a coach accelerates the success process and can get you positive results in half or often a quarter of the time it would take alone.


David Smith

CPA, Controller, EnAqua, LLC

Would you like to correct the mistakes you’ve made as a leader? Wouldn’t we all? Unfortunately time travel is still science fiction – so the next best thing is to avoid future mistakes.

Avoid Leadership Mistakes – Turn mistakes into learning that will drive your leadership to the next level

Build High Performance Teams – Turn dysfunctional teams into cohesive teams that achieve high performance results.

Craft Work/Life Balance – Manage time and other resources to achieve your ultimate priorities and honor your values.

I have been where you are!

I know how you feel. Leadership was a long, lonely road for me. I didn’t have a mentor. I didn’t know anything about leadership. I felt unprepared, didn’t have any confidence, many doubts, many fears, social awkwardness.

Once I began to learn about what it was like to be a good leader, I learned there were resources, books, mentors, places to go to get help… people willing to help… And then I knew it was doable, achievable, within my grasp.

So if you are like I was (fears, doubts, etc…), I can help. I’ve walked the long, lonely road you’re on right now. I’ve learned a lot along the way. And more importantly I’ve learned how to partner with leaders to help you achieve your goals.

Dale has given me valuable information on team dynamics and let me explore how that works with my particular team. This information was helpful when hiring our latest employee and making sure he was a good fit for the role and the team. Dale clearly has deep knowledge of how teams work and he helps me apply that knowledge in a way that is valuable both now and in the future.

Terry Mullis

Director of I.T., Freedom Truck Finance

Here’s How I Can Help

Through expert coaching, leadership resources, team assessments, and business consulting, you’ll receive:

  • Clear vision and direction
  • Strategic action plans
  • Upgraded skills
  • An optimized environment

which will enable you to grow yourself and your team to massive success!

Coach Dale’s Godly Life Plan Group helped me consider my priorities in light of God’s direction for my life. For the first time, I thought deeply about my legacy and how my current actions contribute to my future goals. I came away with a process for evaluating how I use my time and energy in light of those goals. Participating in the group gave me the opportunity to be helped while I help others, too. Definitely worthwhile!

Mike Henry, Sr.

Vice President, PMO, Sagenet

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