April 9, 2020

One life.

The last few weeks have shown me something very clearly, again.  It has shown me the real importance of knowing who you are.

I know that the Covid-19 situation is not good however I am enjoying finding the "good" in the situation.

One of the good things I have noticed is how so many of us have recalled that we are really created for connection and community.  Another good thing is that we have started to find creative ways to connect and help make the situation a little bit better.

As a certified Coach I also look at things from a different perspective than most (or many).

I have noticed how many people (based on social media and news stories) are really feeling "stuck" at home.  I saw the image below and it got me to thinking...

It got me to thinking - that life is not a dress rehearsal.  It is our "one life" that we get to live on this earth and that if we aren't truly walking in who God created us to be not only are WE missing out but so is the world around us.

What if we used this time of social distancing to learn more about who we are and who God created us to be?  What if we were able to sit at home and "just be" and feel at peace without all the other stuff that is our normal life/business?  What if we could find a way to really contribute more than we take from the world?

I believe that many things will change after Covid-19 is in our rear view and am praying that many of us have been able to lean into who God created us to be.

My friend SAM has told me several times that when she learned more about who God created her to be she stopped trying to overcompensate for the things she wasn't good at and learned to do more of what she is good at.  What a concept?  Do more of what you are good at...yes, I believe that is a big part of why she had such a remarkable transformation going through the WeAlign Strengths Finder program that I offer.

Now is a GREAT time to take a step towards learning more about who God created you to be.  I am going to be offering a discounted price on a 1 hour webinar that will allow you to get the full 34 Strengths Finder results and we will go over one strength in depth.  If you want to schedule a 30-minute consultation with me, you will be able to do that at a discounted rate as well.  My goal is to keep the pricing as low as possible to allow for as many people that want to attend to be able to.

Stay tuned for the webinar information.

If you know that you want to get all the details please email me so that I can make sure to keep you in the loop.

Also, please take a few minutes to watch the short video that SAM created for me about her results from the Strengths Finder process - this should help you see why you may want to go through the process yourself or suggest it for someone you care about.

Thank you,


Coach Dale



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