April 20, 2020

Pivotal Moment

With so many people being furloughed from work right now this blog post seems to be even more timely than I thought it might be.

In 1992, I was at lunch in the company cafeteria with a group from our job, and everyone was griping about the latest benefit cut. And out of my mouth came this phrase: "It's just a job, not a career." In that moment, I realized I had a choice to make ... do I continue with a job, or do I want a career? I'm glad I made the choice to pursue a career.

I choose to pivot.  It wasn't easy. Most things worth having take more work than most people expect.

Knowing that so many people are in the same place I was all those years ago realizing that they are not where they thought they would be by this point in their life. They are realizing that they are building someone else's dream while putting their own dreams on the back burner.

Seeing so many people struggle right now has given me a revived burden to help people understand their strengths and talents so that they can create a life that they actually want to live.

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