May 6, 2020

Pain vs Pleasure

Last week I wrote about how pain is a motivator and asked several “what if” questions.

This week I want to talk about pleasure.

The two great motivators in life are pain and pleasure. Pain appears to be a more urgent motivator as you want to get away from the pain. Pleasure isn’t as urgent but is actually more powerful long term. (Isn't it interesting how that works?) When you can focus on pleasure coming from who God created you to be and tie it into your why then you can really start to make an impact in the world and experience life in a way you haven’t before. At least that has been my experience.

When I worked in a corporate IT setting, I had pain. Emotional pain. I knew I was created to do more than what I was doing. The pain led me to my purpose which includes being a coach that helps others on their journey of significance.

That pain led me to pleasure. If I had known on the front end that walking in the truth of who God created me to be would allow me to really help so many other people be connected to their why I would have made the switch much sooner.

If you have been thinking about making a change in your life (in any area) I want you to think about the what if….What if it happens. Really. Think about it. Make a list of how your life will be different. Be sure to include all the pleasure that you believe you will experience because of it.

Imagine yourself living that life you just took time to think about. Try and use all of your five senses to experience it in your mind.

When you tie that to who you were created to be and your why then focusing on the pleasure is a powerful motivator.

If you have not taken the time to dig into who you really are, not just what you do, I would love to connect with you to see if one of my coaching processes might be a good way for you to start on that journey. If you are already on that journey, I would love to be able to encourage you along the way.


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