November 12, 2020


I have written many blogs and done several videos about how important connections are. Today more than ever, I believe that is true.

We all have connections. Some are family, friends, co-workers, people from church or volunteer organizations. How many different kinds of connections do you have?

I have worked in IT for 4+ decades, so you would think that most of my connections would come from the IT realm but when you look at my connections that doesn't play out as true.

The majority of my connections are not from the IT realm. A big part of that, I believe is because I am a blend of the different domains, and can make friends/connections with all types of people.

I find different people interesting. Being around all the same types of people is not the way I believe you can have a balanced life. As I get to know people and they share their stories with me, I find great value in learning about them.

As a business owner, you have to find ways to connect with people, one way to do that is networking. I love networking. Over the years I have learned you never know who you are going to need, so developing connections is really important.

In fact, if you looked at my 2,600+ connections on LinkedIn, most of them are from networking or referrals from someone that I had networked with.

Something I noticed recently was that even though I have a wide variety of connections based on industry, I am pretty narrow in scope when it comes to diversity. Most of my connections are caucasian 36-60 year olds. Part of my hope is that I will be able to be more intentional about connecting with many other demographics. There is value in diversity.

This seems like a good place to include a couple of videos that I did talking about the “relationship bullseye”. 

Relationship Bullseye - Why it is important

Relationship Bullseye - Are you hitting the mark?

Being aware of who you put in which circle is important. Your core circle is where you share your most intimate secrets. Therefore, I would suggest the three people in that circle should be the same gender as you. If you are married, in my opinion, your spouse would be one of those 3.

Knowing that we are still dealing with the political election from last week I am also wondering if you have friends on both sides of the political aisle? If not, why not? I would encourage you to find ways to connect with people that don’t believe exactly as you do and listen to them. Listen well. When you listen to understand rather than to judge or respond then you can create a connection that could turn into a lasting friendship.

As always, if I can help you with anything, please reach out.

Coach Dale

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