May 15, 2024

Mentors on My Journey to Calling and Legacy

Throughout my journey, different people have crossed paths with me. They all gave me lessons and formed an important part of my life; but, some of them also became mentors on my journey to finding my calling and legacy.

The mentors I encountered throughout my life helped me with my personal growth. One helped me develop my character: You can do almost anything when you stick with it. Another helped me with my career by offering me a new job leading me to a new journey in life.

One mentor helped me to gain wisdom, knowledge is not only about our careers and life itself but about who you are and who you want to become. Another mentor showed me that there is always a way to overcome what is before you. Growing and changing is not always easy but it is sometimes needed.

My mentors paved the way to find my calling and led me to personal growth. Here are the top three lessons they shared with me:

  • There’s likely a way to turn an impossible situation into a win. Be creative.
  • Leadership commands, not demands.
  • Persistence—you can do almost anything when you stick with it.

“What’s the difference between an inheritance and a legacy?

One word of two characters:
An inheritance is something you leave TO someone.
A legacy is something you leave IN someone.”

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