• Do you spend a lot of time and money investing in your team but you’re not seeing the ROI?
  • Do you see conflicts among your team that you want to reconcile?
  • Do you struggle with how to create lasting change in your business?

If you answered yes to any of the above, connect with Coach Dale to find out how you can get ideas out of your head and into your team’s culture. I provide these services to cover all budget categories:

  • Individual Coaching
  • MasterMind Groups
  • Group Coaching
  • Various Training Programs

What’s going to happen to your company in a year or six months if you don’t make a wise investment in your team? Your investment in Coach Dale’s services will typically pay for themselves within months.

Training Programs

I facilitate Transformational Leadership On-Demand (TLOD) training classes, using a video-based curriculum.

Check out the sample video to the right.

These classes typically cover 12 meetings and last 1.5 to 2.0 hours. Access to the video library and a training manual are included for the low price of $299 per person for the entire course.

Customized plans are available, from 3 full day meetings to 12 meetings over 12 weeks. Training can be delivered at your site, in a common meeting location, or via video conferencing. Connect with Coach Dale for more details.

Connect with Coach Dale to learn more about how you can build trust, resolve conflict, receive commitment, provide accountability and see results in your team. Pricing is dependent on team size and options but is in the $200 per person range, with discounts for larger teams.

Connect with Coach Dale to learn more about how you can create a company culture where effective communication, trusted relationships and teamwork thrive. Price for Everything DiSC assessments range from $150 to $200+ for individuals depending on options; cost decreases as team size increases.