Turn Chaos into Clarity & Pursue your Calling

Make Your Life an Adventure — Find Your Significance

Whether you recognized it before or not, you now face a real need. It may feel hopeless, but there is hope.

You have faced and overcome many challenges and have become stronger as a result:

  • Growing Business
  • Successful Teams
  • Thriving spiritual life
  • Fulfilling marriage and family life
  • Mutual supportive friendships

The challenge you face now could be working toward one of these, or something unrelated. It is more difficult than before.

To move forward, you must create clarity.

If you can recognize your genuine identity and lean into it, you would see how the challenges you’ve encountered have prepared you for this chaos.

I help you create that clarity.

As companions on your journey, we will work together to define what you truly desire and what precisely gets in the way.

You will build the clarity you need by treating your life as an adventure and courageously engaging with the chaos.

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I have really enjoyed my StrengthsFinder assessment and coaching with Dale! I have gained a lot of insight into the way my brain works and am immediately applying my new knowledge into the way I do business and interact with those around me.
—James Lewis
Owner, FreshEyesInc.com
Website Branding, Copywriting, and Design
It was valuable to me in seeing what makes me tick and being able to put a finger and a name on it.
—David Smith
When people start operating in their Strengths instead of overcompensating for their weaknesses, that’s when the magic happens.
—SAM Morrison
Head Ninja, Your Admin Ninja
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We know God better when we know ourselves better. Dale has spent decades discovering who God has designed him to be and he has provided the rest of us with a handy guide for discovering more about ourselves.
—Diane Dotson
Founder, One80 Life
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Mission Director, Frisco Bible Church
—Dave Barnes
A Practical, Relevant Treasure Chest Dale Young has provided a treasure chest of resources and the map to find it in the first installment of his Lifesong Keys: Unlocking Your Significance series. Through the lens of a trusted, experienced friend and coach, the reader will find a host of practical ways to discover their own […]
—Andy Wood
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Dale clearly has deep knowledge of how teams work and he helps me apply that knowledge in a way that is valuable both now and in the future.
—Terry Mullis
Director of I.T., Freedom Truck Finance
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Coaching is about guiding you down the path you want to travel. We will establish the steps you need to take for the significance that calls on your heart so you can travel down that path in confidence!
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Create a lasting and positive influence with your audience! I’ll work with you to understand your audience and what you are looking for and customize my talks to fit.
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Build clarity in your natural strengths! Knowing who you are and how to work in your strengths allows you to better execute your plans and think more productively as an individual and in a team.
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