What is standing in your way?

I am not an expert in solving your problems but in helping you find and achieve your own results. Real coaching is about guiding you down the path you want to travel.

Have you thought about where you are going? Do you know what your heart wants? Are you following that desire?

When you experience real coaching, you will better understand who you are and are created to be. 

We will draw from your heart to find purpose and desire. It will be your own motivation that enables you to do the hard work of needed changes.

We will establish the steps you need to take for the significance that calls on your heart so you can travel down that path in confidence!

Are you ready to embark on your adventure?

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[Dale] did an excellent job of both facilitating and coaching the group. [...] I came away not only with some valuable tools, but was able to immediately put them into practice.
—Greg Pratt
DevOps Evangelist, Caliber Home Loans, Inc.
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Dale clearly has deep knowledge of how teams work and he helps me apply that knowledge in a way that is valuable both now and in the future.
—Terry Mullis
Director of I.T., Freedom Truck Finance
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[We] have noticed profound improvements in our staff and their job satisfaction levels. This training as well as the tools that it provides have been instrumental in helping to create the best team I have ever had the privilege of managing.
—Will Jiron
VP-Operations, United Rehab Specialists of Dallas
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