Trust is the foundation of great teams

When you have the right people in the right places pursuing the right results, you will achieve your goals and have a better time doing it.

Your people will be more engaged in meaningful work. They will solve their own problems and work well together.

“It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”

— Patrick Lencioni

This really can happen, and it has for many teams. It can happen for your team too.

All teams have their challenges and dysfunctions. Trust is the primary factor in the health of a team. It is lack of trust that causes most teamwork issues.

Lack of trust results in isolated and siloed job functions, lack of cross training, “indispensable” employees, gossip, bickering, and infighting.

It also shows up in employee dissatisfaction, increased turnover, and missed milestones.

Vulnerability based trust is the most powerful and most rare form of trust. It is the foundation of the most effective and cohesive teams.

I can help you build this kind of trust in your team. I will also teach you how to foster it.

When your team grows in trust, you will become more effective, better enjoy your teamwork, and reach your goals.

Are you ready to build a cohesive team?

I AM Ready
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Dale clearly has deep knowledge of how teams work and he helps me apply that knowledge in a way that is valuable both now and in the future.
—Terry Mullis
Director of I.T., Freedom Truck Finance
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[We] have noticed profound improvements in our staff and their job satisfaction levels. This training as well as the tools that it provides have been instrumental in helping to create the best team I have ever had the privilege of managing.
—Will Jiron
VP-Operations, United Rehab Specialists of Dallas
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