Create a lasting and positive influence with your audience

You have a group meeting for your event. Ideally, your event offers great value to your audience, and they walk away feeling strengthened, inspired, and encouraged. They appreciate it and invite others, increasing your audience and the good you can accomplish through your events.

Not only do you need someone to fill the time, but you need it to be relevant and engaging, not 10% topic and 90% pitch. You need something fresh, new, and practical.

I’ll work with you to understand your audience and what you are looking for and customize my talks to fit your audience and available time.


  • Chaotic Thinking: The Real Pandemic
  • Overcoming Inadequacy: Clarity from StrengthsFinder
  • Overwhelm to Overjoy: Applied Brain Science
  • God’s Calling: Courageously Confronting Chaos
  • You’re NOT Lost: Find Your “You-nique” Self

It is all about helping people understand themselves better, giving encouragement and inspiration, and spreading that to others as well. It is about “who am I” and “why”.

I consistently get highly positive feedback from audiences. They appreciate their new insights, new ways of thinking, and practical steps moving forward.

Let’s talk about how we can make your event great

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Speaker Bio for Programs

Since 2011 Dale Young has been helping people achieve more impact in their world.

Known for "Facilitating Significant Lives", Dale is certified with several assessments and has multiple coaching qualifications, including the WeAlign Executive Coach and the International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

Dale volunteers with several non-profits including the Texas Consilium, The Road Adventure, and the Dallas Emmaus Community. Dale is a native Texan and currently lives in McKinney.

Dale is a member of Frisco Bible Church, and has attended a mission trip to Costa Rica where they impacted several hundred people during the week-long trip.

Sample Speaker Intro

Dale volunteers with several non-profits including the Follower of One, The Road Adventure, Blessed By Networking and the Dallas Emmaus Community. Dale is a native Texan and currently lives in McKinney.

Today, Dale will discuss how the different roles that an Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner performs can benefit from knowing which Strengths are most applicable to that role and how to handle it when you don’t have the needed Strengths.

Dale’s talk is “Accelerating Your Business by Focusing On Your Strengths.”

Let’s welcome Dale Young.

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