You’ve been very successful in life and accomplished quite a bit, but you’re feeling stuck.

You may feel you’ve overcommitted, run into speed bumps, even roadblocks. You know you have more in you, God has more for you, but life has been too busy for you to pay attention to it.

I’ve encountered chaos too

Rest assured: you aren’t far off from where you need to be.

I’ve been in a well-paying, comfortable position, but it became increasingly apparent I was stuck in a dead-end job, and my heart wanted more.

“The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.” — Prov 20:5 NIV

Personally, I’ve been through an unexpected and unwanted divorce.

Spiritually, I had been in a good place with God, but it became dry and stagnant.

Life happens, and we encounter chaos in all its forms: speedbumps, detours, and roadblocks.

In the end, are you moving to where God is calling you?

What got me though all that was discerning my direction, listening to the call on my heart, and growing in understanding of who I truly am.

I found the chaos was an opportunity to courageously engage in my life adventure.

I found a sense of identity in shepherding others. I would be honored to journey with you, helping you find the desires of your heart, clarify God’s calling on your life, and pursue your significance.

You will find your calling in the encounter with chaos
and the creation of clarity.

Are you ready for the encounter?


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