September 6, 2016

Why Lack of Delegation Isn't One of the Top 10 Mistakes Leaders Make

When I first became a leader, I thought it was all about me.

I tried working harder and smarter, only to end up with a failed attempt at trying to multiply my own efforts. I didn't realize I needed to be multiplying my team's efforts.

I would delegate a task, and then find out it hadn't been done "right."  But rather than go through constructive conflict with the person to teach them the way I wanted it done, I redid it myself.

It took years for me to realize something every leader needs to know:

Lack of delegation isn't a mistake, in and of itself. Okay, perhaps it's a secondary mistake; but it's not the primary mistake.

Lack of delegation is usually a result, or perhaps a consequence, of making one or more of the following mistakes.

The Top 10 Mistakes Leaders Make

#1 Lack of Integrity

You don't delegate because you don't believe the other person can do the job as well as you can or in the same capacity; or with the same moral basis as you would do it.

#2 Failing to Build Trust Within the Team

If you don't trust your team members, you're not going to delegate to them.

#3 Putting Paperwork Before Peoplework

You feel like you can do it faster and/or better if you do it yourself, rather than delegating.

#4 Avoiding Conflict

You don't delegate because you feel like you'll have to make corrections when others don't get it right; and you don't want to have to deal with the conflict involved with resolution.

#5 Mishandling Communication

You don't delegate because you've tried it in the past without proper communication. So rather than fixing the communication issue, you stop delegating.

#6 Insufficient Commitment

If you're committed to growing the team, you have to delegate.  By not delegating, you're in effect demonstrating that you don't have the commitment.

#7 Absence of Growth

You need to delegate to multiply efforts.  In order for a company to grow, the whole team has to grow. And this is often achieved by allowing others to accept more responsibilities.

#8 Accountability Deficit

Lots of times leaders attempt to delegate but they don't hold other accountable. And then when things start to fall apart, they feel they cannot delegate.

#9 Inadequate Leadership

Since proper delegation can multiply your time, you have to learn to let go of the power and control you often desire. You're not the only one who can create a form and get appointments on the calendar.

#10 Inattention to Results

If you delegate properly, you're going to get better overall results. If you're not paying attn to results, you're not going to care about delegating.

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