December 30, 2020

5 Reasons: 5 of 5

It is almost 2021, literally. For many 2020 has been a pretty rough year, to say the least. My prayer is that as we close out 2020 that we are able to see the good that has happened and focus on that. I believe that what we focus on, we get more of.

With that in mind, let’s talk about the 5th reason you may want to consider signing up for the StrengthsFinder on Steroids coaching process I am offering at a 50% off retail discount until the end of the year. If you see this after the end of the year and want more information, reach out and we can see what we can work out.


Hopes and Dreams are what I consider to be the most important of the 5 reasons. I put “hopes” and “dreams” together because to me they are essentially two sides of the same coin.

Let’s start with some vocabulary background.

Hope is “the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best”. This is the #1 definition from, which also says that a synonym is “longing”. This is a modern definition of hope -- more of a wish or an expectancy than something certain.

However, the #9 definition of hope at is:

Archaic. to place trust; rely (usually followed by in).”

I guess I’m archaic because I prefer this definition of hope. It really is more of the Biblical definition, where hope is not only positive but also certain -- we just don’t know or comprehend how it will happen.

I love this quotation:

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all.”

-- Emily Dickinson

And this is the Hope that is the other side of the coin from Dreams. And I “hope” that you understand that when I say Dreams I’m not talking about the images that you have while you are asleep, but the deep desires that pull you forward to a better future. The desires of your heart.

So with those definitions in mind, let’s look at “my definitions” of Hopes and Dreams:

Hope is the trust and expectation that the good things you want will happen.

Dream is the active participation in turning that Hope into a reality.

Hopes and Dreams are powerful motivators for getting to a better place or situation. I have them; you have them; we all have them. Tap into that power and use that to build a better year in 2021.

If you are ready to take a leap into something brand new, modify what you are already doing or just learn more about who God has created you to be you may want to consider StrengthsFinder on Steroids. I have given you examples of lives that have been changed and how the coaching process along with the StrengthsFinder results really can be impactful if you are the slightest bit interested in learning more, reach out and we can have a discussion about what you are trying to accomplish and see if this might be part of the process to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

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Coach Dale


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  1. I agree with your definitions. Hope does not disappoint when we base it on the same One who created us. Thanks Dale!

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