June 9, 2021

Why did we elope?

Many of you that read my blog, I know in real life.

You likely knew that I recently proposed to Kayla, and we were to be married sometime in the near future.

Well, the near future came last week when we decided to elope. You may be wondering about our decision to do that rather than waiting for a more traditional wedding. Here's the reason in a very condensed format:

Since the beginning, Kayla and I have felt God's hand on our relationship. There have been a lot of "God-incidences" since we started this relationship. I was not willing to settle for someone less than the person of my dreams -- and that included a devout Christian lady who was walking with Jesus every day. Kayla wasn't even looking for a romantic relationship. And yet there was that special spark from our very first messages.

God's timing is not our timing. I've had to remind myself of that for years. What I didn't remember was that while usually it seems like God is moving way too slow for us, sometimes He moves so fast that it's hard for us to keep up.

When we saw this was getting serious, I knew I would be moving to her church if it proceeded. I was prepared to back off, slow down, or even end the relationship IF I attended her church and it wasn't a Bible-believing and Bible-practicing church. My first Sunday visiting her church, Solid Rock Church (SRC) eliminated most of my doubts, AND I felt like this could be a great home. Every time I've been back since then, it's been confirmed over and over.

I knew that I could not marry Kayla and have her move in with me in McKinney ... it's just too far (68 miles) for her to continue to participate in her family and church life. We discussed, and agreed we should start looking for a house. Since the housing market is so blazing hot, I figured it would take several months. I mean, we didn't even have a realtor!

On Monday morning April 12th, out of the blue, Korrie Kiser, a former student of Kayla's and now a high school science teacher, reached out to Kayla for a job reference. Kayla remembered that Korie had a realtor's license and asked her to "find a house for us". On Tuesday, we had a list of 10 houses to review. 9 of which were duds. But the 10th was literally between Kayla's daughter's house and Solid Rock Church.

Trying to get our hopes not too high, Kayla scheduled Korie to meet at the house at 9:00 on Wednesday. I was committed to be in McKinney that day, so Kayla facetime'd me from the house. It looked great and we decided to put in an offer. The offer went in on Wednesday April 14th about 11:00.

About 6:00 that day, we got notification that our offer had been accepted!

This was the key point in the timeline as far as I was concerned. A process that was taking everyone else multiple offers and typically multiple months took us about 30 hours, in one of the hottest housing markets in over a century.

It was at this point that I felt the roller coaster had cleared the first summit and we were moving very fast -- with Kayla and I in the front row!

Most of our friends and relatives that have been aware of this timeline have encouraged us to just go ahead and get married so that we can start our new life together. Elopement was the easiest answer to this encouragement, and was proposed by several people independently.

Now you know. We are truly blessed to be on this journey together and are excited to see what God does next.

Coach Dale



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