November 19, 2021

Prayer Powered Mastermind and Overcoming the Demographic Drought

Over the last few blog posts I have been sharing some interesting and sometimes concerning statistics about the state of the workplace and the demographics drought we are currently experiencing. 

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One of the ways that I believe, as a Christian, that we can make the most impact in our personal and/or professional life is to pray.

Today I want to make sure you know about the Prayer Powered Mastermind (PPM) group(s) that I will be hosting in January as I truly believe that we can play an even greater role in making a difference in the world when we start to pray for our businesses. You can find out more about these groups at

What a beautiful thing to know that the Creator of the universe wants to hear from us. Something I have realized over the last few years is that even the strongest prayer warriors may not even think to pray for their business.

You do know that God wants you to pray for your business, right? He does. 100%. 

I have facilitated two groups through the Prayer Powered Mastermind group process. One of the participants told me that she prays for her teammates and clients but never thought to pray specifically for her business. When she started doing that she saw God show up in some pretty specific ways. Because of going through PPM she was able to recognize those events as answers to her prayers. 

An example of this is how she started praying for another person to work for her to help with the workload, and then “randomly”, out of the blue, someone that had worked for her in the past texted her about a friend of hers looking for work. This new person has been a great fit and a true answer to prayer.

Some of the benefits you might be able to expect because of being part of a PPM Group:

  • Start a foundational & transformational practice of operating with God as your ultimate CEO
  • Tap into God’s vision for you, your business, and the impact He’s designed for you to have in the world
  • Reignite your passion and motivation for this adventure of lifetime
  • Reset your personal and business compass weekly. Enjoy the community and companionship of like-minded, Christ-centered entrepreneurs
  • Experience the power of God doing for your business what only He can do

Last week I did a webinar talking about why someone would want to join the next PPM group starting in January. You can watch the replay here.

If you have any questions about this program or any of the other topics I have mentioned recently, I would be happy to connect with you.

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