May 18, 2022

Hiring, Engaging, and Retaining Part 4

#4 Engaging

Before creating this survey, I suspected that engaging employees was vital for retaining employees. The results of my survey confirmed this to be true. 

In my survey, I addressed two main areas:

  1. How critical is Employee Engagement?

  2. Which factors affect engaging employees? I asked respondents to denote the top 2 or 3 they deem the most important from a list of nine factors. 

My results indicated that 61% believe that engaging employees is critical; the percentage increased as the number of “teammates” increased. 

There were five factors that were noted as the most important - noted below in rank order:

  • Appreciation
  • Company Culture
  • Inspiration and Communication
  • Manager Working Relationship
  • Transparency and Honesty

The top five listed above showed up in 75% of the responses, and Appreciation was consistently ranked on the top, no matter the company's size. There was some variation in the remaining four factors when accounting for the company's size. 

When I compared the top five Retaining & Engaging factors, I noticed similarities. 

For instance: 

  • Retaining factor - Authentic Appreciation and Engaging Factor - Appreciation
    essentially have the same meaning.    

These also had the same meaning:

  • Retaining Factor - Manager Relationship and Engaging - Manager Working Relationship.
  • Retaining Factor - Morale and Culture equates to Company Culture

From these findings, I concluded that employee engagement is considered highly important, and that manager relationships and company culture are factors that affect employee engagement.

In my final blog about my Teamwork Survey findings, I will share some additional challenges I noticed and summarize my findings and how they relate to effective teams. 

Coach Dale


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