June 3, 2022

Hiring, Engaging, and Retaining, Part 5

#5 Challenges & Summary

In the final section of my survey, I asked for responses about other important factors to their business. Although two-thirds of the respondents provided a response, I was not able to draw any conclusions because the responses were so varied. In summary, it is clear that Hiring, Retaining, and Engaging employees were deemed as very important to their business; the larger the company, the more important it was to the business. 

It is more and more evident that company leadership needs to focus on what each individual brings to the team; building relationships is key. I recognize that this is not easy, but it will pay dividends. 

Through my coaching, I help leaders and teammates learn about the strengths and uniqueness each individual contributes to the team. I help everyone feel valued, which improves engagement, productivity, and reduces stress.

If interested in connecting with me to learn more, feel free to arrange a time to do so.

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