June 6, 2024

Start The Transformational Journey!

The Transformational Journey will make a positive change in the world, beginning with you.

I'm honored to be a part of this book where I share my story alongside so many great authors and entrepreneurs including Denis Waitley (Iconic Speaker and Author of Seeds of Greatness), Seth Mosley (3x Grammy[1]Winner, Songwriter, and Producer), Chris Gronkowski (NFL Player, Shark Tank Guest, and Founder of Ice Shaker), Ron White (Speaker and 2x USA Memory Champion), Dr. Stormy Hill (Relationship Coach, Speaker and Podcaster), Latino (Creator of 20 #1 Hit Songs, Singer, and Producer), Kyle Wilson (Founder of Jim Rohn International, Marketer, Publisher, and Speaker) — and many more!

Plus, the foreword is by World-Renowned Speaker and Author Brian Tracy.

Each author and everyone behind the scenes have put great effort into creating this book to make a positive ripple in the world. We are honored by you taking the time to read these stories and by you continuing to make waves as you live your transformational journey!

Thanks to your support, we are one of the #1 Bestselling books on Amazon! This could not have been possible without you!

If you are inspired to get hold of this book, click here to get it now!

Coach Dale


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