March 11, 2021

Predictive Trust v Vulnerable Trust

Have you ever thought about the different kinds of trust?

This week I want to share with you about predictive trust versus vulnerable trust. An easy way to think of predictive trust is to have it be something you know because of a pattern or habit you have “seen” in someone. Vulnerable trust on the other hand takes a risk. A risk of telling someone something about yourself that could be used against you or make you seem to be “less-than” or “weak”.

Here is a quick video from Patrick Lencioni that describes it well.

I have a standing call every Monday at 1pm with my virtual admin. She can use predictive trust to say that I will be 5 minutes late to our call because I tend to overbook my calendar. To have vulnerable trust with me though she would need to ask for help from me on a project.

In years past I have heard the phrase, “Don’t let them see you sweat”. Well, that sounds good but that will NOT build trust. If you are building trust you will want to be real. As a leader you must be the first one to sweat. 

Predictive trust is a good thing but vulnerable trust is what can really make the difference in a relationship. Personal or professional relationships can be improved with real vulnerable trust. If you are building a team, you must decide if you are going to take a risk and be vulnerable with your team or not.

I would challenge you this week to find one person that you could connect with in a vulnerable trust situation and then watch as the relationship changes and likely deepens because of it.

Who in your life would you like to have a closer connection? Make a list! And don’t forget about God … would you like a closer connection with him? And .. what about yourself? Do you trust yourself? Be vulnerable, be real, and build better connections.

Coach Dale


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