July 9, 2021


It may sound cliche but it is true.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some teamwork tips. This is important to me because I truly believe that when your team is in alignment everything is better.

Once again, it all comes down to relationships. When a relationship is good, people feel like they belong. This is true for all types of relationships, not just professional relationships. For our series though, I will be focusing mostly on professional relationships.

Teams are composed of people. People have lives outside of their professional career. Taking a little bit of time to understand how the personal and professional intersect will help your teams become stronger.

Several years ago, I wrote a blog that I have referred back to several times. It talks about what most people would call a work/life balance. Chris McCluskey calls it the “Worship, Work, and Play Model”. This blog will take you a few minutes to read, please do. You may even want to bookmark it so that you can go back to it easily. There is a lot of information that I believe will help you when you think about making your team stronger.

Here is an image showing you what the worship, work and play model looks like.

One key takeaway from the Worship, Work and Play Model is that as a Christian our primary purpose in life is to show God glory. Some of us get the work and worship out of order and give more glory to work than we do to our Heavenly Father. Encouraging your team to get the right balance will not only help them personally but will help them professionally as well, which by default helps you.

Having a strong team doesn't usually happen by accident. It takes work and effort. When you get the balance right, beautiful things can happen:

  • Better Performance 
  • Higher quality of work
  • Happier people
  • More creative
  • Stay longer, less turn over
  • Healthier Environment

When you add all these benefits together, you can get a huge boost to your overall company performance, productivity, and profit -- all from putting the relationships first.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for some helpful team work tips, including a guest blog post from one of my clients that I was able to help with some of her teamwork growing challenges.

Coach Dale



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