August 4, 2021

State of the Workplace Gallup 2021: Findings Part 1

Over the last few weeks, I have been sharing information about teamwork.

Week 1: Work - Life Balance, plus some tips

Week 2: Leading a remote team

Week 3: Everything DiSC’s impact on a client and their team

Week 4: Video of the State of the Workplace 2021 from Gallup

The last few weeks have been building up to this week and beyond to talk about some of the findings in the “State of the Workplace 2021” report from Gallup. The document is 191 pages. You can download the full report here.

Some of the things they share in this report do not surprise me because I have been looking at this data for awhile alongside StrengthsFinder. For others, though, these numbers may come as a surprise.

The one number that did “surprise” me a little bit though is that only 45% of people asked said that covid had affected their life “a lot”. I really did think that this number would be higher.

Life issues impact our work life as well. I have heard it said many times, leave home at home and work at work. But is it really that easy? Especially now, when so many people are working remotely.

If only 20% of people are engaged at work, what are the other 80% doing? What are things that we can do to build a stronger team and have more productivity?

Stress is a killer. Literally. Seeing that more than 40% of people surveyed said that they had experienced stress the day before makes me wonder, what can we as a leader do to help lessen someone’s level of stress?

Looking at these numbers has raised a lot of questions for me, maybe you too.

One of the best teamwork tips that I like to share over and over (and over) is how important it is to have clear communication. If you can improve this one area of your leadership I believe that you will see it pay off in some amazing ways.

Clear communication builds trust and trust is the foundation of any good relationship. Leadership in the workplace or anywhere else, is all about relationships.

Leadership and teamwork go hand in hand in my opinion because if you are a true leader, then you have a team.

This week I challenge you to dig into your communication skills and pick one thing that you know you can improve on. Give it a try and let me know how you see your team respond.

Coach Dale


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