July 14, 2021

Leading a Remote Team

I was working from home before COVID, so managing my work/team from a remote location is not new for me. For many others, however, it is.

More of my clients are working remotely now. I believe that working remotely is not a good fit for everyone long term but there are many advantages when needed short term.

Knowing that we were created to be in relationship, if you are working remotely or have a team working remotely you will want to do several things to keep those relational connections growing.

There are many articles online with tips about how to successfully lead a remote team. I chose this one that I am sharing with you because it is simple and effective. You can read the full article here: 5 ways to Successfully Manage a Remote Team.

Here are my thoughts on each of the 5 ways they mention:

  1. Schedule regular meetings with your team individually and as a group. This is so important. Please consider using Zoom or another video platform because “seeing” each other makes it more real. We need each other, even at work.
  2. Company culture. Just because you work remotely does not mean that the company culture no longer applies. If you have a mission/vision statement consider adding it to the bottom of your email signature. Scheduling a time for your team to gather in person for a team building event if that is possible based on the location of your team. Even if everyone is spread out, it could be worth it to plan an annual get together of some sort.
  3. Super clear expectations. Say what you expect as many times as needed. We are all human and can be forgetful, so reminders are good. If payroll is due by a certain time each week, schedule an email reminder to go out an hour or so before the deadline. What are the expectations of responding to messages outside of their regular work shift? Determine what you expect and then clearly communicate those expectations.
  4. Time tracking. There are many different time tracking platforms available. Take some time to evaluate the different platforms and determine which meets your need. Clockify is a very popular one and it has a free option.
  5. Be organized and flexible. If things feel chaotic, most people will not perform as highly as they could. Keeping things organized will allow your remote team to be more productive.How do you track work-flow? Again, many platforms out there that will allow you to be more efficient and organized. When it comes to being flexible, remember that you are dealing with humans. Humans have lives outside of work and things will come up in their personal lives. Having grace with clear expectations will go a long way.

Are you already doing any of these things? What else are you doing that is working and helping your remote team be more productive? What is one thing you can implement this week that will help you more successfully lead your remote team?

Coach Dale



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