July 22, 2021

Everything DiSC

Guest writer: SAM Morrison, Head Ninja at Your Admin Ninja

I went through Coach Dale’s Strengths Finder on Steroids program back in February of 2019 and it literally changed my life. I have done several testimonials for him because I want to share how he impacted my life with as many people as possible.

Over the first few months, my company grew much faster than I had ever imagined. I realized quickly that I needed coaching around my “team” and how to make them the most effective possible.

Just over a year ago, in May of 2020, Coach Dale helped me, my team, and my company, with one of his coaching processes.

We went through the Everything DiSC program he offers. It was eye-opening to see that most of my team fell into one main category and that the ones that didn’t fall into that category, I had more issues communicating effectively with.

One of the biggest things I learned while going through the Everything DiSC program with Dale was how best to communicate with my team in a way that they hear and understand me better. I can explain something in a way that makes sense to me, but if it doesn't make sense to them, I didn't really communicate with them.

Here is some of the feedback my team gave after the coaching process:

Kevin - I really liked how Dale took the time to search for the team's individual answers for the process to explain DISC and how it pertained to a better work environment. 

Donna - The thing I liked best about the training was seeing how best to interact with the different styles.  I am going to read through all of that in the handout.

Jana - Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to take this assessment. I found it very helpful and clarifying of who I am.

I enjoyed the videos as they brought the DiSC model to life by showing examples.

Alex - The main thing I liked was that the assessment was quite accurate.

If you lead a team, of any size, I would highly recommend Coach Dale. The Strengths Finder on Steroids coaching process does have a team element too. Connect with Dale to see if the SFoS or Everything DiSC would be best for your team.

I am a big believer in having a good Coach, or two, in your life. Thankful that God connected me to Coach Dale when he did because I know that life is better because of our friendship and business partnership.

SAM Morrison

Head Ninja


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