June 30, 2021

3 Types of Relationships Wrap-Up

Over the last few weeks, I have been sharing information about the 3 main relationships we each have in our lives. This week I am going to wrap up this series by linking back to some important pieces of information that I shared with you. The hope is that you will really dig into the 3 relationships and see where you are doing well and where you might be able to improve.

One of the most important questions I asked during this series is:

Where is God on your relationship bullseye? This is an important question because as a Christian if God isn't in the center of your life (relationship bullseye) I believe that your walk will not be what it could be.

Making sure that God is truly at the center of all your relationships is a big part of having healthy relationships.

Just before I started sharing about the 3 types of relationships I was doing a series on Trust. You may not realize it but that flow from trust to relationships was intentional. Every real relationship is built on trust. Sometimes, even in the best relationships, trust can be broken. 

Trust can be rebuilt. It will take time and effort, but it can be done. One thing to remember is that we each have a trust default. It is set when we are younger. You may be too trusting and need to adjust to have a more appropriate level of trust or you could have the opposite and not be trusting enough. Finding a healthy balance is important.

Knowing that trust is the basis for all real relationships, it warrants taking a few extra moments to share more about how trust can tie into all relationships.

It is natural to think about how we trust others. It is usually pretty easy to say if you trust someone or not. But when it comes to trusting ourselves and God, I wonder how many of us actually take the time to even ask that question.

Am I trustworthy? Do I keep my word to myself, others and God?

Is God trustworthy? The default answer for any “good” Christian is yes. And, the correct answer is yes. God is trustworthy. Do you believe it though? Does your life and your choices reflect your belief that he is trustworthy?

I have learned over the years that my feelings are real, but that doesn't make them true. Sometimes I may feel that God is not trustworthy. But when I really dig in and take the time to look back over my life and all the promises He has kept and will continue to keep I have to refocus and acknowledge that He really is trustworthy, even if I don’t “feel” it.

It is my hope and prayer that you have taken some time over the last few weeks to process through the 3 main relationships we each have and have a better understanding of how they all tie together and are built on trust.

As your homework for this week, please consider journaling some of your feelings and then find the truth about that feeling in the Bible. Remembering to align our thoughts with the Word of God is a great way to build trust with God, which will carry over to all of our other relationships as well.

Coach Dale



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